25 Science-Themed Holiday Gifts for Scientists and Science Lovers Alike

By: Taryn Olivas, Editorial Director

1. Types of Scientists: A Coloring Book for All Ages

Kicking off our list, a coloring book to highlight science careers and particularly promote visibility of women as professionals in science! A great gift to show your support to a female scientist in your life, or a fun guide for anyone interested in a career in science!

Types of Scientists Book

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2. Genetics Reflections: A Coloring Book

Another coloring book for anyone enthralled by the beauty of genetics! Everything alive is made up of the same building blocks- enjoy that connection to all other living things while relaxing with colors

Genetics Reflections: A Coloring Book

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3. Science Jewelry

Whether you buy from this shop or another, science-themed jewelry is a fun way to express that you are a scientist! We all had a necklace with the caffeine molecule, or was that just me?

Science Jewelry

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4. Giant Microbe Plushtoys

What better way to end this year than to reflect on plagues? Just kidding, but these giant microbes are adorable for the microbiology enthusiast! These plush toys come in many varieties if you donít like the plague theme- I myself have a heart cell that actually beats!

iant Microbe Plushtoys

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5. Anatomic Heart Coasters

Science decor is truly one of a kind. Express your love for anatomy while intriguing your dinner guests with these anatomically correct coasters!

Anatomic Heart Coasters

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6. Science-themed Socks

Why not go classic with the gift? Socks are the go-to holiday gift for one and all, and adding a scientific flair will delight the scientists in your life!

Science-themed Socks

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7. Publication Mug

Personalized gifts are the perfect way to show a person you care about them. Be it your mentor or your friend, memorializing one of their important publications for them is a thoughtful gift they wonít forget!

Publication Mug

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8. Foldscope

A fun little device for kids and adults alike! Looking at microbes under the microscope is an unforgettable experience, and this is an affordable way to inspire a love for science in your own back yard!


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9. Funko Pop Custom

While Bill Nye the Science Guy is a pretty cool Funko Pop character to own, you can also design a figurine to look like you or your favorite scientist! This takes a custom gift to the next level!

 Funko Pop Custom

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10. Science Cross Stitching DIY Kits

Embroidery can be a fun and relaxing respite from work, so consider one of these kits to give your favorite scientist! We scientists do enjoy learning new skills in and out of the lab!

Science Cross Stitching DIY Kits

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11. Maker Scientist DIY Kids Science Kits

This is a perfect introduction to the fun of science for children! Give them something to do during the holidays while they are off of school, and show them how cool careers in science can be!

Maker Scientist DIY Kids Science Kits

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12. Moon Ceramic Mug

Alright, this one is just cool! Gift your favorite space lover with a realistic moon mug!

Moon Ceramic Mug

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13. Wine Glass Chemistry Set

Got something like these for my grandmother one year, she loves being reminded of the science behind everyday things. The perfect gift for someone who appreciates science and a good merlot!

Wine Glass Chemistry Set

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14. Coffee Chemistry Mug

Donít like wine? How about coffee? Science-themed glassware is one of the classic science-themed gifts, and for good reason!

Coffee Chemistry Mug

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15. STEM-themed Mugs

Not a fan of glassware, or just looking for more options? These mugs are cool and cover a wider range of scientific fields! Match a mug to your favorite scientistís studies!

STEM-themed Mugs

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16. Women in Science 100 Postcards

So many fascinating women in science that most of us didnít cover in history class. No time like the present! Remind a female scientist that she isnít alone and that these awesome ladies laid the groundwork for more of us every year!

Women in Science 100 Postcards

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17. Spaceship Earth 2021 Wall Calendar

Who doesn't like images taken from space? A calendar is a classic holiday gift that gets better with science added!

Spaceship Earth 2021 Wall Calendar 1 Spaceship Earth 2021 Wall Calendar 2

18. Science Themed Spice Rack

This super cute chemistry-themed spice rack is a great gift for your favorite scientist that likes to cook! I love having science-themed dÈcor and this one I might just pick up myself!

 Science Themed Spice Rack

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19. Pocket Scientist

This is a neat gift idea for those science students in your life! I often find I need a ruler in the lab and never seem to have one handy, so this one might just be a life-saver!

Pocket Scientist

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20. Pointer

Every scientist you know needs one of these for presenting. If you know someone who doesnít have one already, this is a great gift keep them prepared!


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21. Moon Rounded Puzzle

A unique puzzle is always an interesting gift for the holidays! A rounded puzzle could be a nice challenge for your favorite scientist!


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22. STEM Cookie Cutters

A friend of mine once made us mitosis-themed cookies with cutters she had 3D printed, and these cookies were the talk of the office! Tis the season for baking, and science cookie cutters are a great gift for your favorite scientist and baker!

STEM Cookie Cutters

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23. Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket

A warm and soft blanket is another go-to holiday gift that is even better with science! This glow in the dark constellation is sure to wow any space lover!

Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket

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24. Tardigrade Slippers

I can think of several people I know who would love these! Tardigrades (colloquially known as water bears) are nearly indestructible little creatures that you can find outside your house on the dried-out moss on the trees. These are even cuter than the little critters under a microscope!

 Tardigrade Slippers

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25. Beer Brewing Kit

Last but not least, a kit to help your favorite scientist (or anyone else!) get started on brewing beer! Nearly a third of the PhD students I know thought of brewing their own beer, and some of my friends opened a brewery straight out of grad school. You really canít go wrong with this one!

Beer Brewing Kit

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